NCLSA Endorses Three Candidates for the December Trustee Elections

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Library Board of Trustees Election

New City Library Recovering Nicely

There is no disputing that our library has gone through some tough times over the past couple of years. The only constant during that time was the staff’s dedication to our jobs and to the public we serve. I do not think it is being boastful to say that it was the staff that held the library together without a director while the board was imploding. That is why it is so important that our voice be heard now: We don’t watch, we act.

Our most recent action was to endorse a slate of candidates who are running in the upcoming library trustee election on Wednesday, Dec. 11. Our slate is Agin Antony, Carole-Beth Goldberg and Suresh Arya. All three of these Clarkstown residents are patrons who regularly use our library, hold a deep appreciation for the role it plays in their lives and the community, and have no personal or political agendas beyond the betterment of our library. They also respect and applaud the accomplishments of our director Dr. Maurice (Mitch) Freedman.

Mitch brought a sense of stability – along with incredible credentials – to the library when he joined us in May. He has since built upon this foundation with an impressive agenda of improvements, accomplishing much in a mere six months. Mitch’s expertise and leadership, as well as his knowledge of upcoming trends in library science, have revitalized both the building and the morale within it. Antony, Goldberg and Arya are eager to support him as he continues to improve our library.

New City Library is moving forward. Imagine: The director, the trustees and the staff all working together towards the common goal of making our library the best it can be. We can do it, but we need your help on election day. Don’t sit on the sidelines and watch, come out on Dec. 11 and act.

 Vote for Agin Antony, Carole-Beth Goldberg and Suresh Arya.


Karen Vetrano

President, New City Library Staff Association